Honda FCV Clarity

The zero-emission Sedan of the future…only for southern californians, Why only californians??
because you have to be able to refuel it.
Hydrogen fuel stations are critical to the deployment of a fuel cell car and, as it stands now, stations accessible to the public are still quite limited.

Honda wants to ensure that FCX Clarity drivers will be able to take their vehicles in for service at participating dealers and have convenient access to refueling stations.

The FCX Clarity can run about 270 miles before refuelin

g and if you live in the Torrance, Santa Monica and Irvine areas you can refueling in the energy stations of Honda!

FCX Clarity is powered by an electric motor. The car you drove to work today is probably powered by an engine. The big difference is that the motor in the FCX Clarity gets its

energy from electricity, instead of from gasoline like most cars today. So while the FCX Clarity has the power of an engine, it also offers the uniquely clean, quiet ride of a motor.

Honda wouldn’t say how

many 2008 FCXs it will offer. Just two current-generation FCXs are being used by individuals, who lease them for $500 a month.

Honda expects the 2008 model will get the gasoline equivalent of 68 miles per gallon in the federal city-highway combined-driving cycle. Hydrogen with the same amount of energy as a gallon of gasoline sells for $3 to $6. Because fuel-cell cars are much more efficient, the cost per mile is much less than with gasoline.


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