Tatra 903 Fuel Cell Concept

Tatra is a Czech brand that in 1897 produced its first car, which we saw a model not only classic but also historical, as the Tatra T601 Cabrio of Stalin’s daughter. Since 1999 production of cars left the street, and now still produce SUVs and trucks, also for military use.

But 111 years after its birth have submitted this novelty, the Tatra 903 Fuel Cell Concept, an aerodynamic coupé that has a certain air to Maybach Exelero. It is an electric vehicle with hydrogen fuel cell.

One of the most curious detail is that it has four doors, two of them located in the rear, stock of van / minivan applied to a futuristic coupé.

At the moment it is only a prototype that obviously has no plans direct production, but that could point to an interest in the brand back to manufacture cars. Because for a brand of commercial vehicles, designing a Exelero of these, it makes little sense, and perhaps try to take shape to return to passenger cars. Because years of experience are not lacking.


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