Japan’s fuel cell market estimated to expand 99 times by 2025

A research firm has estimated Japan’s market for fuel cells will expand 99-fold from fiscal 2009 to 1.61 trillion yen in fiscal 2025 due to uptake of the technology for housing and vehicles. an increase of $17.7 billion USD. Housing fuel cell systems and hydrogen cars will account for most of the increases.

From now, to 2025, the trend is supposed to reverse with the demand for hydrogen fuel cell cars overtaking the initial demand of fuel cells for housing accounting for about $1 billion USD in sales on that date.

As the fuel cell vehicle diffusion gains momentum later, fuel cell demand may reach 990 billion yen for automobiles and 507 billion yen for housing in fiscal 2025.

Fuel cells for vehicles and housing may thus account for more than 90 percent of the market in fiscal 2025. The remaining fuel cells may be used for mobile phones and other portable machines.

High costs have so far prevented fuel cell demand from expanding fast. A fuel cell system for housing now costs as much as 3.5 million yen.


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