Owning an Electric Car

Did you ever think about  own an electric car? If you want to know about the whole issue about electric cars and before rushing out to buy your new car,  you need take a look to this book.

The book has been written with input from hundreds of people from all around the world. From Bangalore to Paris, from Los Angeles to London, electric car owners have contributed their opinions and their experiences – both good and bad – to help you make an informed choice about choosing your next car.

This book is full of factual, relevant information without the ‘techno-babble’ that all to often takes over the debate about electric cars. Where I feel it is relevant, I do talk about the different technologies that make up an electric car, but only in order to help you make an informed decision about owning and using one.

In just under 200 pages, Mr. Boxwell covers everything from dealing with range fixation to exactly how “green” an electric is when it’s charged from a coal-powered grid. You can also learn which new vehicles are coming to market or what to look for when if your potential purchase is previously owned. To get a sneak peek at the first chapter, learn a bit about the electric vehicles and even ask him a question directly.

for more info and buy the book click here


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