Smart ED

There will be 100 smart ed’s produced for the initial phase of e-mobility Berlin and the cars will integrate with an intelligent RWE charging network made upof the 500 charging stations. The smart ed electric uses a lithium ion battery design that is making its first appearance in the Mercedes S-400 BlueHYBRID that will be entering showrooms very soon.

It comes with everything that makes a smart a smart – but it doesn’t have a combustion engine. A 30 kW/41 bhp magnetic motor runs at the rear of the smart fortwo electric drive that is driven by a high-performance, high-temperature battery made from environmentally compatible sodium-nickel-chloride. This is housed in the underbody, which means that the interior space is not compromised

The li-ion batteries will probably be supplied by Tesla Motors, giving the electric drive smart car a range of up to 150 miles, which sounds good for an urban commuter. This might not be able for the US market in the eyes of Daimler, though… We’ll have to see.

Even though we knew it was coming, we’re still excited that this little all-electric wonder finally made the jump across the pond. According to the smart rep we talked to, no one here in the US will be behind the wheel of one of these until 2010 or 2011, when 1,000 smart eds will be brought over for testing – much like they are being used in places like the UK and Italy.



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