Hitachi, Airbiquity team up to develop telematics for electric vehicles

Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. and Airbiquity Inc. have formed a new partnership with the intention of providing telematics systems for electric cars. Airbiquity have a lot of experience in this area – they are the company that provide a lot of the communications infrastructure for the OnStar and Sync systems used by Ford and General Motors.  Hitachi will now be developing additional applications and services to be used in electric cars that have the Airbiquity systems.  At the moment this technology focuses on helping drivers to manage the charging requirements of the vehicle and remotely monitoring the charge status.  It will be interesting to see what other applications this partnership comes up with and which automakers they will be working with.

With the Hitachi Automotive Systems, and the Airbiquity-created platform forming a central hub in the smart-grid network, the partnership paves the way for creating gateway infrastructures that can be linked with smart-grid systems. This will increase the footprint of both companies in the field of global connected vehicle services, and help automotive manufacturers worldwide quickly implement EV solutions, creating efficiencies and optimizing the costs of their service operations.

“As both social awareness of traffic and transportation efficiency and the importance of contributing to the protection of the environment rise, Hitachi Automotive Systems continues to focus on providing connected vehicle service providers with intelligent, advanced solutions,” said Masamori Kashiyama, General Manager of the Next-Generation Telematics Center of Hitachi Automotive Systems’ CIS Division. “Combining these with Airbiquity’s specialized technology and extensive operational experience in the area of vehicle connectivity will make it possible for vehicle manufacturers to operate and maintain their services with more speed and efficiency than if they were operating on their own.”

But, who is Airbiquity?

Airbiquity is the global leader in the design,operation and management of connectivity infrastructure. With 13 million vehicles on the road today, the company’s expertise and experience enables intelligent transportation services for category leaders in the automotive and mobile resource management industries. some of the features of this industry are :

  • Electric vehicles: eco-routing, charging stations, energy consumption, integration with automaker back-office systems
  • Vehicle health reports: optimize vehicle operation with proactive vehicle maintenance notifications
  • Fuel consumption: tracking and reporting with real-time traffic and route planning improve fuel consumption
  • Driver behavior: record driver behavior and its impact on performance with recommendations to improve vehicle operation and fuel use
  • Vehicle performance characteristics: idle time, acceleration/braking profile, pollution emissions monitoring
  • Recommendations for driver and vehicle changes to improve fuel consumption

To learn more about Airbiquity, visit


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