Google could rule in car industry

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The recent linking of General Motors and Google for a handful of services related to the plug-in Chevy Volt marks an intersection for automakers and Internet giants. The two industries — one little changed for  decades and marked by steel and manufacturing, … Continue reading

Smart Grid Systems in your Neighborhood?

While Advanced Metering Infrastructure, which allows wireless communication between utilities and meters, has been going in across the country for over a decade, it is only recently that they have been developing into smart grid systems.

Could a smart grid system be growing in your area?

Smart grids are one step up from AMI on the evolutionary ladder because they allow two-way communication between homes and utilities and the ability to remotely control appliances and power consumption, which leads to accurate real-time pricing by utilities, and accurate monitoring and conservation. Utilities can send response demands to homes, such as requesting them to turn down a thermostat during peak hours, homeowner energy use habits can be tracked and adjusted, and a more honest and fair pricing system leads to better conservation abilities.

AMI is the root of developed smart grid systems, but many issues stand in the way of progress, including standardization and wireless connections. However, getting smart grids up and running is increasing in priority level, as we see with some of the massive projects highlighted here.

A new report published by The Climate Group entitled “SMART 2020: enabling the low carbon economy in the information age” goes into detail about how implementing this rapidly growing technology could help cut a significant portion of emissions, and even further, save global businesses a whopping $685 billion annually.

That savings is making everyone’s palms itch.

In which part of  development are the the U.S. So where are we at in terms of integrating smart grids here in the US? Well, we’re definitely still taking baby steps. Thanks to the help of SmartMeters and a handy Google Map, we’ve gathered up the up-and-running smart grid projects currently happening in the states.

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